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There are two decks combined into one Tarot deck the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana and 56 in the Minor Arcana. If you ignore either of these decks or their reverse meanings, you are not receiving the full story the cards are telling you, during a reading.

A Tarot spread is our way of connecting our psychic intuition with the Seeker, when we are conducting a reading we are “tuning into the seeker”.  The Tarot Spreads tell us a story and we as the Reader must be able to understand the story and how it relates to the Seeker. It is your responsibility to give the most accurate reading possible.

There are various Tarot Spreads that can be used when conducting a reading. For the purpose of this series I will only present two of the most common Tarot Spreads. I read the spreads and cards slightly different than the original way they were written by A.E. Waite.

After many years of reading the Tarot,  these positions and my interruption of the cards have served me very well. As you grow and gain knowledge in Tarot reading, you will develop your own interruptions of the cards meanings, positions, and how they relate to each other in the Tarot Spread.

The two tarot spreads we will look at, are the Celtic Cross and the Three card spread. When I mention the time the readings may take, it is only guideline, every reading is and will be different and the time required will vary. I have found that most of the questions people seek insight into can be answered with the spreads I will present in this post and the next.

A general reading that uses the Celtic Cross Tarot spread will provide a lot of insight into the seekers life and help him/her make better choices in different areas of their life. This type of reading can last 30 minutes to over an hour. It will depend on what the cards are saying to you and your own psychic awareness of the overall spread.

A three card reading, which we will discuss in this post. Usually lasts 5-10 minutes. This spread is very good at receiving insight into one question or one aspect of the seekers life. The three card spread represents Past, Present, and Future relating to the question that is asked.

Have the Seeker sit across from you. Shuffle the cards briefly this will help you focus (ground) you to the current reading. Hand the cards to the Seeker ask them to shuffle the cards and think about the question they wish insight into. Now the deck is divided into three piles by the Seeker, as in the image below.


Take the top card of each pile and lay them between you and the Seeker, from left to right. You may feel a draw to place the cards in a different order, you are free to do so. In the following example we will look at a Seeker that is wishing to gain insight into a new relationship.


In this Tarot Spread we see all three cards are in a upright position. We will look at another example reading with reversed cards in our next example.

In the past we see The Fool, he represents the Seeker may have went blindly into past relationships with high hopes.

In the Present we see the Seven Of Cups, this is how the Seeker is seeing the new relationship now. I would think the Seeker is seeing a passionate relationship building with a person they are involved with, they are only seeing the positive sides of this person and/or relationship.

In the near future we see the Five Of Cups, We see that three of the cups are knocked over and their contents spilling on the ground. This signifies that the new relationship that the seeker is experiencing in the present will likely end, leaving the Seeker feeling like everything is lost. What the Seeker does not realize is there are still Two Cups standing and that not everything is lost.

Pulling it all together:

This Seeker has a history of forming bad relationships, This trend is continuing in his/her present. They have a tendency to only see what they want to see, they reject seeing things and people for what they are, they have grandiose ideas for the new relationship. If the trends continues, the new relationship will fail.

I would advise the Seeker to slow down and take a step back to think if this new relationship is what they truly desire. To not try to rush the new relationship and let it develop over time, without commitment. I would also point out that if this relationship fails there will be another relationship as shown in the Five of cups with two of the cups still standing.

As you can see in “Pulling it all together” we must take all the cards of the Tarot Spread, into account when we are conducting a reading. If we only look at each card in the upright position and assume that is what is meant, you will be doing a disservice to the Seeker and Yourself, by not seeing the entire picture.

Now lets look at this if reversed cards are dealt in the Tarot Spread. It is important to remember, there are two meanings for every card, and the position of the card has a bearing on the interpretation of the overall reading.

In this spread the Seven of Cups and the Five of Cups are reversed. This changes the meanings of these cards and the overall interpretation of the reading.

The Fool card still tells us that in the past the Seeker, has a history of of forming poor relationships and not thinking things out before they move forward.

Seven Of Cups Reversed represents that the Seeker is unhappy or there are aspects of the current relationship the Seeker is unhappy with. This could also represent the Seeker as a married person or their new romantic interest as a married person.

The Five of Cups Reversed indicates that if this trend continues the Seeker will remain unhappy with little to no change in the relationship.

Pulling it all together with the reversed cards:

The Seeker has made poor choices that have lead to a relationship that they are unhappy in. It is possible that they have met a person they wish to become involved with and they feel that this person will make their current situation better. This could be a married person or someone involved in a long term relationship that is either about to “cheat” or has “cheated”.  We can see the outcome of this choice will lead to disappointment and more poor choices.

I would advise the Seeker to first end the current relationship and take time to be on their own and reflect on the things that lead to the current unhappy state of the relationship that are currently in before beginning a new chapter in their life with a new person.


If you recall from my intro to the Tarot I state that Cups represents the element of Water and is representative of emotions, relationships, feelings and creativity. I feel the Seven of Cups Reversed represents marriage or a long term relationship in this card and this reading as the end of a relationship. My interpretation is based off of hundreds of readings I have preformed over the years. This is a reading based on relationships and beginning new relationships. My experience leads me to see this card in this manner. Even though the meaning assigned to it is not one of marriage. 

You can see how the reversed cards have gave us a similar reading but yet a very different reading. By taking all the cards in the Tarot Spread into account we are able to see the entire picture of the the Seekers past, present, and possible future outcomes regarding the question of a new relationship.

I hope you have gained a little more Knowledge in The Art Of The Tarot and how a reading is conducted and read. In the next post we will look at the Celtic Cross Spread. If you have any questions PLEASE post them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them for you.



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