Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP, are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirits. They are either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested during what is referred to as an EVP session. EVP’s can occur at anytime when a recording is made. EVP’s, have been captured on Video Recorders, Hand held voice recorders, & cassette tape. Any device that can capture audio or video can potentially capture an EVP.

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Haunted on Casgrain Street – Murder?

In 1990 many years after the Campbell street house. My family lived on Casgrain Street in Southwest Detroit. We had lived there for a about a year. There was an empty house across the street, my Dad was interested in buying. It was a very large house.

There were 5 bedrooms on the second floor plus a bathroom. On the main floor there was a Parlor, living room, formal dining room, and large kitchen. Aside from the living room and dining room there was two bedrooms, one each.

No one had lived there since we moved across the street. I do not know when the last time that house was a home. My Dad was able to locate the owners and secure the property.

He began working on the house shortly after buying it. My father and brother in law were sitting on the porch enjoying a cool summer breeze at our current house. My Dad and Brother in law jumped up at the same time and headed to the house my Dad was working on.

They both saw an older man standing in the front parlor looking out the window. They searched the entire house and found that no one was in the house and all the doors and windows were locked! They left puzzled, and not knowing what they saw that evening.

My Dad continued to work on the house over the next couple of months. There were no other sightings of this “old man” or any strange occurrences with the new house. That I am aware of.

We moved in before winter that year. The house had a few odd features to it. The basement was finished and in good condition. There was a large room as you entered the basement. Across from the large room there was a small hallway with two rooms on the left. Here are the odd features.

First in the large entrance room there must have been at least 30 phone lines coming into the house and into that room. I remember this because the telephone installer had to trace the lines to connect the telephone for the main living area. He had said he never seen so many phone lines coming into one house.

Second, there was a very large chalk board between the two smaller rooms. Now the last and third odd feature of this basement was a somewhat hidden room behind the first room off the hallway. We did not even know it was there until I discovered it when I was adding water to the boiler. The boiler was in the first room and provided steam heat to radiators the house.

There was another odd feature on the main floor of the house. The doorway from living room to parlor had a large stain in the floor. We were never able to sand out the stain so we kept a rug over it.

My parents room was in the front of the house on the second floor, mine and one of my younger sisters room was at the opposite end. My room had the entrance to the attic in the ceiling. I was 16 soon to be 17 when we lived in the Casgrain house.

The attic would make me very uncomfortable to the point I kept my dresser in front of the door. I always felt there was someone on the other side of that door. I have never had a feeling like that, except for that room. I remember once hearing voices in that attic.

Now it very well could have been people outside. But, it certainly sounded like there were people in that attic. I asked if I could move my room to an empty room that was on the second floor at the opposite end of the hallway.

My Dad asked why and I told him what i had heard and what I felt in that room. His response was a little odd as he didn’t question me any more and said he would get the paint for me so I could move into that room.

I was home alone painting the new bedroom. I was in there for at least a half an hour, when a had a sharp pain across my lower back. I am not saying I was hit by something, but it felt as if I was. I am sure I just over extended my back painting. Right? I moved into the new bedroom within a couple of days. Everything was fine. Now for the rest of the story.

During the summer months around June or July we would hear what sounded like footsteps back and forth on the second floor. I have heard this myself. other members of my family would say the heard the same sounds when no one was upstairs. We lived in that house for maybe Two years. We moved a lot for various reasons I wish not to discuss in public. We lived a total of 3 years on Casgrain.
We were in the process of moving to Florida it was just my Dad and I in the house. My mother and younger sisters had already went to our new house in Florida. My father and I were packing the final items and finishing the move. Nothing odd happened for some time. Until, we were just about to leave the house behind.

My eldest sister and her husband was with us, they were going to help with the final trip to Florida. Now the following was told to me by my Father.

He was told that there was a women that lived in the house some time before we did. Her husband was at work and it was just her and their children home. She was on the first floor after putting the kids to bed. She claimed the house had went “dark” and she could not see her way around the house and crawled up the stairs to check on her children that were sleeping. Her husband worked nights and so not to wake her use to come home and sleep in the room I first had.

He would complain that the neighbors were so load it sounded like they were in the house (in the attic?) and he could not sleep. The neighbors on one side were death and mute. No one lived on the other side it was an empty house.

My father later admitted that during the night before we were to move to Florida. He was in bed reading and the entire upstairs went “dark” but not just dark he said it was as if it was breathing around him. He said a pray and it stopped.

He was shaken I could hear it in his voice. Later he had confirmed that the stain in the doorway was a blood stain. He did not want to tell us when we lived there. He also told me that he did some research on the house and it was used as an illegal gambling place in the 1920′ or 1930’s.

The blood stain was from the same time period. Apparently there was a murder related to the illegal activity in the house. I never knew why we heard what sounded like walking upstairs, just that it happened during June and July.

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Poltergeist? The Campbell Street Haunting

In 1983 my family moved into a centuries old home in Southwest Detroit. The home was located on Campbell Street across from the Blue Diamond. It has since been removed. As with many homes in Detroit there is just an open field now. Our neighbors were immigrants from Hungary. The mother  would prepare fresh bread every couple of days. The smell would fill our home and the neighborhood with this heavenly scent.

Sometimes as was custom in their home country they would share with their neighbors, us. It was such a lovely treat and tasted amazing! They grow grapes to make their own wine and for other uses. Their eldest daughter was named Teca and was a lovely young women in her prime. Teca, was also our sitter  at times. Things continued in a normal way as they do and time continued on.

About a year into living in the Campbell house, things began to happen. Small items moved, an odd sound here and there. Things that could easily be discounted as over an active imagination. This continued for about three months. My family would play cards on the weekends. Pinochle was always the game of choice. My older cousin Mark (Uncle Mark we called him) and his girlfriend Veronica, was over one weekend playing cards with my parents. Mark went to use the restroom on the second floor, as he approached the stairs he paused and stared up the stairs.

Paler than than soft moonlight, he motioned for my father to come over and have a look. Upon reaching the side of Uncle Mark there was nothing to be seen. “Mark have you had too much to drink?”  asked my father. “I swear, I saw an old women with a small dog at the top of the stairs.” Protested Mark. I remember this as clearly as one can remember childhood memories.

Items continued to be “misplaced”. There were no more sightings of the Old women and dog. A couple of months passes by and my sister moves next store, The house was a duplex. It was card night and Teca could not watch us so it was up to my sister.

We were siting in the living room in my sisters side of the house, watching TV and behaving as best we could. That’s when we heard what sounded like someone falling or running up and down the stairs. We all looked at each other and were slightly shocked by what we had just heard. My Dad came over and was upset thinking my sister was allowing us to run up and down the stairs. This occurred at least twice that nite and finally my mother and father realized it was not us making such a racket

. My sister was older and had a young daughter around the age of two. They were on our side of the duplex visiting, my niece wondered upstairs on her own. I went after her. I was carrying her down the steps, when I felt like I was being watched by someone or something. I think everyone has had that eerie feeling. About the same time I had this feeling I felt a hard smack my back. I stumbled and fell. I thought I heard a faint laugh from behind me. I fell  about seven steps while clutching my niece in my arms to protect her. I scrapped my arm on a nail that was protruding from the paneling that lined the stairway.

Luckily my niece was shaken up but unharmed. My MOM was looking me over for any damage I may have incurred. She called my DAD over after she looked at my back. There was a hand print of adult size, there were small scratches in the area of where finger nails should be. I recovered my family calmed my niece. The rest of the night was tense. No one could explain away the hand print. Life continued, with no other events. A single incident dismissed as, no one could  dismiss it. It was just not spoken of again.

Items continued to be moved or just go missing. We could hear what sounded like foot steps every couple of nights on the stairs. Hard echoing foot steps. A few more sightings of the “women and dog” were reported. This continued for the next few months. There were no further attacks. Just the echoing of the foot steps & a few sightings. Then nothing it just stopped. No more sightings or footsteps. Everything remained were it was placed and was not moved.

It was date night for my parents, Teca was to watch us, but refused. She (Teca) would not say why but just said she could not babysit for my parents anymore. Teca’s mother also started acting strange when we were outside playing or when my parents were doing yard work. She would just give an awkward smile and leave as quickly as possible. Finally my father was able to get Teca’s mother to open up This is what she told my father. “Your house is cursed.” “I will admit, there has been strange things that have occurred, but they have stopped and I don’t believe there is a curse.” My father said calmly. Teca’s mother looked up with fear in her eyes. “Every night there is a women holding a small dog staring out the windows of your house.

At first we thought it was a family member we had not met. Then the other evening, Teca was in our backyard collecting grapes, She heard someone call her from the second floor of your house. She looked up and the women was there with her dog. As she gazed up to the window, the women changed to a dark cloaked figure with rage in its eyes. This is the ORDOG.” She walked away very quickly after muttering that word. My father was very puzzled.

We never heard of an ORDOG before. My father was puzzled by this word. We moved after just two years in the Campbell house. Years later we where discussing the events of that dreadful house. My father, recalled how scared Tecas mother had been and wanted nothing to do with us or that house. I decided to try and learn the meaning of ORDOG. I came across an article in wikipedia that states the ORDOG, is a is a shape-shifting, demonic creature from Hungarian mythology and early Hungarian Paganism who controls the dark and evil forces of the world!

I consider myself lucky that we moved shortly after the stairway incident. Who knows what this ORDOG was capable of doing to me or the members of my family!
This story is based on true events, names have been changed, some facts changed to make a better story. The hand print on my back lasted about a weak then faded away.

Copyright reserved Roy Oakley 2017

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